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Why Get a Wedding Film...

One of the most common questions asked:

Why get a wedding video, what's the point?​

Everyone loves a great photo, so photography is a must! But have you ever thought about the simple fact that there are some things a photo can't do? When you hire a videographer, you are choosing to preserve your precious moments by capturing them on film because as a bride/groom, you lack the ability to view your wedding from the outside in like guests can. A videography company can capture all of the fine details you miss. On film, you can relive your wedding day in sight and sound and have the chance to experience all of the emotions. Think about the sound of the crowd when the bride walks down the aisle and the sound of a mother/father's cry after the I Do's. Or the emotion in the grooms voice as he says his vows to his wife etc. Who wouldn't want to have those memories as an everlasting keepsake? It's totally a must have!

Wedding videographers can capture your emotional love story and make it look like a romance movie! You can watch your first dance, a recording of your friends and families well wishes and even get a kick out of the embarrasing moments! Years from now when you are old and gray, when some of your loved ones have passed away you can watch your video in rememberance of them. Your wedding video along with photos may be all you've got left to cling to and remember those sentimental moments. Also, majority of past brides testify to their wedding day going by so fast, that they couldn't remember or didn't get to experience everything because they were too busy being a "bride doing bride things."

Another big concern of couples on the fence about getting a wedding video is the amount of times they will watch it. We've found based on testimonies of past brides that they in fact watched their wedding video a lot after it was first delivered to them. However; overtime, they didn't watch their wedding videos as much, BUT they were forever grateful that when they wanted to watch it, they actually had a video and weren't stuck wishing they would have gotten one! Fair game.

"You can't hang a film on your wall, but you can't hear the words in a photograph either." - unknown

90-92% of brides that opted out of getting a wedding video ended up with regrets! Don't fall into this very trap. The average bride is going to spend anywhere from 4-36 months planning and saving for a wedding. With all that hard work and investing, why let it all go to waste in the space of a few hours once you forget the majority that took place?

"After the cake is eaten up, the band or dj stops playing music, the vendors pack to leave and all of your guests go home; a video might be all you have left to remember the fine details of your wedding day." It will be among the most important investments you can make to preserve the day that you've dreamed of since you said YES!

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