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Shehreen & Victor Gill


Click PLAY to watch their film!

I am so excited to blog about the amazing wedding festivities of Shehreen and Victor!

We are overloaded with joy that we have had the opportunity to film not one, but two culture filled weddings back to back! This was our FIRST ever Bengali wedding. I have always seen photos and heard of how amazing they were, but finally I was able to exeperience it firsthand.

Of course I have to give you guys the backstory, so here it goes. We saw a post on facebook from a DJ searching for a videographer for a couple he was working with. I swiftly reached out and sent him a message. Within minutes I was able to connect with the lovely father of the bride who's name is Saleh- love the name by the way!

After hopping on a phone call, I was very confident that he was sold and we'd be filming his daughters wedding a week later.

Can you believe that we were able to film their Holud event the night before as well?

My husband and I were asked to come out and film their Holud which is a ceremonial event that is observed mostly in the region of Bengal. This event took place at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Kennesaw, GA on July 13, 2018. During this night, we were able to capture the henna application, friends and family dressed the same, partaking in a feast, dances and cultural performances by family members.

Take a look at the amazing decorations and decor they put together:

I simply cannot wait until we can share this amazing footage with you guys! Onto the next day......

- The Wedding!

This is the beautiful bride and groom standing at the altar waiting to exchange their I-Do's.

Look at Shehreen's gorgeous bridesmaids? Are you as amazed as me? Their attire was simply royal and I really loved the colors they chose. Everything was just so beautiful!

Their wedding was held on July 14, 2018 at the rooftop of Ventanna's in Atlanta, GA. This was the breathtaking view I was able to capture right before their ceremony. I should add photography to our belt as good as i'm getting when I whip out my camera (love my cannon)

This is our second rooftop wedding in Atlanta and I just love looking at the view of the city!

Get ready to be BLOWN away by what I am going to say next: The bride and her father MADE this for the altar and ALLLLLLL of the other decorations for BOTH events. They are skilled architects and Shehreens dad is also a professor who teaches others this line of work! What an amazing custom made craft! Way to go father and daughter with your awesome talents.

I am always interested to see how couples choose to decorate their cards/gifts table- I LOVEEE the gold and white theme. It really aligns with the royal theme of their big day!

Now, onto the cake!

First of all, this cake table was amazing with the city view in the background. I loved the colors and both cakes were decorated uniquely. Don't leave before I tell you was also DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Before I wrap up this post, i'd like to give a little vendor shout out to Jonathon with Event Maestro Entertainment LLC this was the most engaging and professional DJ/Host we have EVER worked with. He was also very friendly and of course someone who we'd recommend any day of the week. If you are looking for an amazing DJ/Host to get your crowd going and keep them going all night long- please check him out by clicking the following links: and

I also have to give another shout out to Diego with Diego S Photography. Diego was very fun to work with and is an amazing professional with phenomenal photography skills. Definitely check him out if you are searching at the following links: and

Before we go, let's bask in the beauty of this amazing couple:

When your wedding location is so cool that you get to take pictures on a helicopter pad...

~watch their film below~

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Gill

All of our weddings are special to us. We value the trust that each couple places in us to capture their forever moments. If you are getting married and haven't already hired a videography team for your wedding, please visit our website to watch our wedding films and fill out the contact form as we'd LOVE to hear from you.



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