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Down the Aisle Rodriguez Style


We got to film a wedding at the same location Bradley and I got married at one month before. So, Bradley and I got engaged in June of 2016. While planning our wedding at a small mansion on a lake, I shared a photo in a facebook wedding group of the outdoor location of the property where I would get married. I then received a message from Whitney saying that we were getting married at the same place. I could not believe it because it wasn't a traditional venue, it was a vacation rental. However, after our conversation I found out that it was a popular place and ended up meeting four other brides getting married there that same year.

Long story short, Whitney and I instantly connected and began bouncing ideas off of one another. We got married there on March 5, 2017 and her wedding was there on April 2, 2017!

Here is Whitney & Dominguez:

This photo was taken by MNA Photography- the same professionals that did our wedding video and a photo shoot for my birthday! I can not tell you how much Whitney was of great help to me during wedding planning. It was exciting for the both of us to plan at the same property. Of course, we ended up having the honor of them hiring us to film their wedding which was so SWEET! I cried because it was so emotional for me to return to the site I got married at and to see a sweet associate of mine getting married there as well.

These two are a GEM and if you ever heard of their amazing love story and how God brought them together you'd be crying a whole river. We always love filming weddings because it is considered to be one of the best days of a couples lives besides becoming parents! So we love getting them to the video of their dreams!

Book us for your wedding. You WON'T regret it.



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